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The Alderbrook community median real estate price of $1,572,497 is more expensive than 93.4% percent of the neighborhoods in California and 98% of all U.S communities.

The average rental price in the Alderbrook community is $5,652. This pricey locality can be found among the most expensive places to live around California – it’s 98% more costly than neighboring communities.

The Alderbrook community has some of the longest commutes in America. The greatest number here spend between 30 and 45 minutes one-way to work, which is at or a bit above average length across all U.S communities.

Here most persons, 81.3%, drive alone in a private automobile to get to work. In addition, 11% carpool with coworkers or friends. This community is no different than most across America, where many residents find owning an automobile practical when it comes time to take care of errands on weekends and work all week long.

The Alderbrook community in San Jose, CA, is home to a diverse clique of people who identify their ancestry as Asian, 76.9%, followed by those with English roots 6%. There are also residents that report German origins at 3%, alongside Norwegian ancestors accounting for 1%. Additionally, 55% were born outside the United States.

This community is home to persons from all over the world, and their tongues are equally diverse. The most common tongue spoken here is Chinese at 41%. Other important ones include English, Korean, Langs of India, and even French.

The community of Alderbrook is one where residents are mostly employed in executive, management, and professional jobs. The second most important occupational clique here consists primarily of sales-related positions such as those found working at major companies or locally within the fast food industry with 10%. Other common tradespeople can be seen laboring on construction sites, while another 3% hold down manufacturing posts.

The Alderbrook community in San Jose is one of the most wealthy areas around, making it among the 15% higher-income neighborhoods to be found anywhere. This particular area has an average individual earnings rate that represents a greater proportion than 99% of all U.S communities. 1%, children included are below the federal poverty line–a much lower percentage when compared with 79 percent of all communities.

The Alderbrook community has a greater percentage of persons living in it born in another country than almost any other U.S location, with 55 percent being international souls.

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