The median real estate price in the Almaden Meadows community is $1,357,247, which makes it more expensive than 90.2% of the neighborhoods across California and 97% of all U.S communities.

The cost of renting a home in the Almaden Meadows community is higher than in nearby communities. The average price for this locality sits at $5,652 per month – which makes it more expensive compared to 98% percent of California’s other cities.

In the Almaden Meadows community, residents who work tend to be located in jobs with longer commutes. 29% of these workers spend 30 minutes or more every day getting to from their places of employment which is typically long when compared to other communities across America.

The Almaden Meadows community in San Jose, CA, is home to many different cultures and ethnicities. Persons residing here most commonly identify their ancestry as Asian 20%. There’s also a large percentage of individuals who report German roots at 12%. And you’ll find Mexican ancestry prevalent among the population. Most of the people here were born in other countries.

The diverse tongues spoken by people in this community are tabulated as the ones they prefer to communicate with at home. The most common tongue here is English, accounting for 66% of households. There are also traces of Spanish, Persian, Chinese, and Langs of India.

The Almaden Meadows community has a high percentage of working residents who are employed in executive, management, and professional positions. The second most important occupational clique here is sales-related jobs such as those from major accounts or working within fast food restaurants where 17 percent live nearby. Other popular choices for people living aboard include clerical assistance and tech support with 7%. Another 5% are in government jobs, whether in local, state, or federal.

The persons in the Almaden Meadows community of San Jose are some of the wealthiest around, making this area rank among America’s 15% highest-income communities. Kids living here had access to necessities like food and shelter; it turns out that 100 percent don’t fall below the federal poverty line – which is much lower than most places across our great nation.

The community of Almaden Meadows is also pretty special linguistically. Significantly, 7% of its residents, five years old and above, primarily speak Persian at home; this is higher than 99% of all U.S communities.

The Almaden Meadows community in San Jose, California, has more Iranian and Lithuanian ancestry people living in it than nearly any other American community. 3.5% of the population here is from an ethnic background that includes both Iranians.

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