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The price for a home in the Almaden community is $1,403,134, which makes it more expensive than 91% of communities across California and 98% of all U.S communities.

The median rental price in Almaden is currently $5,129. That’s higher than 95% of communities across California.

The inhabitants of the Almaden community have a longer commute than most people in America. In fact, over 37% have commutes that last between 45 minutes and an hour.

Many persons in this community find owning a car practical for getting to work. In fact, 81% of residents here drive alone, and 7 percent carpool with coworkers or friends, while 5% also use public transportation such as buses every day during their commute.

The Almaden community in San Jose, CA, is home to a diverse clique of individuals. The most common identification as ethnicity is Asian at 36%. There are also 15% who report German roots and 9% English while 32 percent were born somewhere else.

The diverse tongues spoken by people in this community are what make it such an interesting place to reside in. These are tabulated as the ones preferred when at home with family, and Almaden’s has many different options, including English 61%, Chinese, Langs of India, and French.

The Almaden community in San Jose, CA, is home to many employed persons. 76% of the working population here are executives and managers, while 15 percent work as sales reps or service technicians for major companies of fast food restaurants. Other residents hold clerk positions 6%, tech-savvy jobs such as developing web applications. And lastly, 2% they’re government employees at either local levels -state & federal.

The Almaden community in San Jose is one of the most wealthy communities in America, with an average household income that exceeds 99% of communities in America. Additionally, 1.9% of children living here are below the federal poverty line-a lower rate for childhood poverty than you’ll find anywhere else in U.S communities.

The Almaden community in San Jose, California, has more Iranians and Canadians living there than nearly any other area of the country. 8% of residents are Iranian-American, while 1.7 percent were born Canadian.

The majority of residents in Almaden speak Chinese at home. This is higher than 98% percent of communities across America, which may seem like a small percentage, but it’s actually 13%.

College-educated adults in the Almaden community are a unique characteristic that sets it apart from most other U.S cities and towns, with 82% having received at least four years’ worth of bachelor’s degrees – compared to 32%.

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