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Art Connection is an absolute paradise for art enthusiasts! This huge two-story space offers 45,000 square feet of wall space, showcasing a diverse range of pieces that are sure to capture your imagination. Even the bright canary yellow walls won’t be able to dampen your enthusiasm as you explore Art Connection’s wonderfully eclectic collection.

With over 32 years of experience, Art Connection is an authority in the fine art and custom framing industry. Their framed artwork has been trusted by designers, galleries, and art retailers for years – making us a top choice when it comes to elevating any space with quality décor!

Art Connection, located in Pompano Beach, has been transforming walls with high-quality framed art for over three decades. As the premier provider of fine artwork, they have become a trusted source to interior designers, galleries, and retailers nationwide. From traditional elegance to modern sophistication – their expert framing services make all possibilities come alive.

Explore a world of creativity at Art Connection. Inside this unique venue lies over 4,000 pieces from talented creators. Take your time to fully experience the art – it’s stacked high and wide, so you can find something that speaks to your heart. A visit here is sure to be inspiring – come see what surprises await in this artistic wonderland.

You’ll discover art from around the world and bring a unique touch to your home with pieces that are certain to make an impression. Gerardo Mendez creates impeccable pop culture creations for any environment, while Dalia Kantor’s vivid works will transform your space into something truly special. Find beauty in contemporary mixed media paintings, dynamic photographs, or intricate sculptures – all designed to invigorate the atmosphere of whatever room they grace.

Art Connection is a one-of-a-kind art gallery that caters to any taste and budget. From local artists to renowned international creatives, every genre and style of artwork can be found here. But even more remarkable than the selection is their complementary designer consultations: with a single visit, they will walk you through choosing the perfect pieces for your space–and then import them right into their location so you can see how it fits. As owner Ofer Sadik attests, “Art Connection really is the best-kept secret worldwide.”

At Art Connection, they don’t just provide quality framing services – their expert design team goes the extra mile to turn any space into a masterpiece. With unique in-home previews, you can envision how paintings and frames will look once hung on your wall before purchasing.

Address: 2860 Center Port Circle, Pompano Beach, FL.

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