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Visiting the Beer Can House is a unique experience and sure to be an unforgettable part of any trip. This remarkable local attraction was constructed from thousands of beer cans, with fences made from discarded lids and colorful mosaics crafted on its walls – all honoring this ever-popular beverage.

In 1968, John Milkovisch began a unique project that would transform his home into the renowned Beer Can House. Armed with an impressive array of marbles and metal pieces — plus thousands of aluminum beer cans — he entered an upholstery realm never before explored by decorating every inch from yard to rooftop in eye-catching ways. The outside walls were completely covered using these very unconventional materials for siding – specifically chosen because it was far more exciting than mowing another lawn.

John Milkovisch was no ordinary retiree. In the 1970s, this dedicated beer lover began creating a glittering masterpiece of his own design: The Beer Can House. Over 18 years, he adorned every inch with creative decorations constructed from cans and cardboard cases – fence panels, chimes ringing in the wind made from lids strung along the roofline, and labels that lined his porch – all paid homage to Pabst Blue Ribbon & Budweiser. Now an iconic relic tucked away amongst modern townhouses on Rice Military streets, explore this unique ode to one man’s passion for being “refreshed!”

Ripley’s Believe It or Not estimated that an incredible 50,000 beer cans adorn the Beer Can House in Houston, TX. Over 18 years, this monument to recycling emerged from under the cover of flattened brews – serving both practical and decorative purposes like lowering energy bills by way of Garlands made out of cutting beverage vessels hanging off rooftop edges, creating beautiful chimes with every breeze.

Step back in time and experience an iconic symbol of Houston’s art scene — the Beer Can House. This preserved masterpiece is the work of John Milkovisch, who adorned his home with over 50,000 beer cans collected during his lifetime to create its stunning exterior. Now visitors can tour this storied landmark for just $5 per person or simply take a leisurely stroll by it while admiring its unique design from afar. It’ll undoubtedly be an unforgettable adventure as you discover more about one man’s creative vision coming alive before your eyes.

Beer Can House is an unforgettable attraction where expectations will be exceeded. Located in the neighborhood, it’s almost like a local legend that tourists travel from far and wide to experience for themselves – even if only just to see what all the fuss is about. For beer lovers seeking something unique and offbeat, this one certainly takes some beating; hop over on your next visit for a taste of true Texan quirkiness.

Address: 222 Malone St., Houston, Texas, 77007.

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Exciting News

Speedy Car Shipping has now joined forces with
Barrett Auto Transport to offer you expanded coverage!