The median home price in Brookvale Chantel, Calabazas North community, is $1.141 million, which makes it more expensive than 77% of neighborhoods across California and 94% of all U.S communities.

The cost of renting a home in Brookvale Chantel / Calabazas North community is $3,746. This price point makes it higher than 80% of communities across California.

The people living in this community are more likely to be short on their commute time. The greatest number of them spend between 15 and 30 minutes one-way going to work, which is shorter than most Americans.

In this community, as in most of America, many people own cars and find them practical for getting to work. Here 82% drive alone, while 10 percent carpool with coworkers or friends.

The Brookvale Chantel/Calabazas North community in San Jose, California area, is home to a diverse clique of people. The most popular ancestry identification for residents here is Asian at 70%. There are also some German descendants with 4%, and Irish roots with 3%. Other kinds include English runtime 2-5% alongside SubSaharan African genes making up 2.4 percent. Most of the residents here were born outside the country.

People in the Brookvale Chantel / Calabazas North community speak a diverse range of tongues. The most common tongue spoken here is English, which accounts for 34% percent of households and other important ones include Chinese, which accounts for 15%, Korean, 7%, Langs Of India, 5%, and Spanish, 4%.

The persons in this community are largely employed in executive, management, and professional positions. The second most important occupational cliques are clerical/ assistant occupations with 14%. Other residents here work as sales folks-from major accounts to working at fast food restaurants 13%. 3%, on the other hand, are government workers, whether they’re local, state employees, or federal jobs too.

The persons in the Brookvale Chantel / Calabazas North community of San Jose have a higher income than 95.7% of other American communities, and 7.3% of children living there are below the federal poverty line.

The Brookvale Chantel / Calabazas North community is an international destination. With 52% of its people born outside the United States, this area ranks higher than 98 percent of the foreign-born population among all U.S communities.

The community of Brookvale Chantel/Calabazas North community is so rich linguistically. Significantly, 13% or more residents five years old and above primarily speak Langs from India at home. This may seem like a small percentage, but it’s higher than 99% of all U.S communities.

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