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Chaboya community’s median real estate price of $1,352 is more expensive than 89.8% percent of California communities and 97% of all U.S communities.

The cost of renting a home in the Chaboya community is higher than 96.1% of communities across California. With an average rental price of $5,175, this place has among the highest rates on record nationwide.

Chaboya community has the longest commute in this city by a significant margin. 39% percent of working residents here spend between 45 minutes and one hour each way going to from work, which is longer than most places across American communities.

In this community, as in most of the United States, many people own cars and use them for getting to work. The average person here drives alone 86%. Others may carpool with coworkers or friends when needed 6%. Many persons here find owning a car very practical.

The Chaboya community in San Jose, CA area, is a diverse locality where people of many ethnicities and backgrounds live together. The majority identify themselves as Asian at 79 percent, but there are also plenty who report Mexican ancestry, with 3% or more Irishmen too. 51% were born outside America.

The diverse tongues spoken by people in this community are tabulated as the ones they prefer to communicate with at home. The most common language here is English, which accounts for 37%. Other important tongues include Chinese, Langs of India, and Tagalog, the first dialect type found in the Philippines and Vietnamese.

The Chaboya community is home to some very diverse populations. 78% of the working population here are employed as executives and managers. Clerks and assistants make up another 9% and tech support professionals. Others work in sales-related professions such as fast food restaurants or government jobs at either local levels like City Councilors’ offices.

The people living in the Chaboya community of San Jose are some of the wealthiest citizens, making it among the 15% highest income areas. This locality has an average household income higher than 99% of all U.S communities. 0% child under seventeen who live below the federal poverty line- a lower rate compared to 100 percent found throughout America.

The Chaboya community is one of the unique areas in America because it has a greater percentage of foreign-born residents than 97.9% of other U.S communities.

The Chaboya community in San Diego, California, has more Asian and Iranian ancestry persons living in it than nearly any other American city. 79% of the residents here are either part Chinese, Japanese, and Persian.

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Exciting News

Speedy Car Shipping has now joined forces with
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