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CAMH, the vibrant Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, stands in a prime location within the renowned Houston Museum District. It’s no surprise that this free Museum is such an attraction – it welcomes all visitors with fresh new exhibitions on rotation, ideal for those looking to explore or gain further insight into art.

The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is a renowned destination for discovering the art of our time. From international luminaries to up-and-coming regional talents, this unique non-collecting Museum presents rotating exhibitions that challenge us to think in new and exciting ways. Explore what’s on the show today.

Explore the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and take in a wonderfully curated selection of modern art. From sculptures to canvases, this single-visit Museum offers all that you need for an immersive experience in today’s creative culture.

Immerse yourself in the art of our time at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. Explore thought-provoking paintings, video installations, textiles, fashion pieces, design works, and more – all within two stunning galleries illuminated with natural light.

The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is the perfect place to experience modern art for anyone with a creative spirit – particularly if you’re young and hip. On weekends, come by and explore our collections amongst fellow art enthusiasts from all walks of life in the nearby Museum District. Families are also welcome but don’t forget: quality trumps quantity when it comes to enjoying what’s on show at CAMH.

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is the ideal destination for art enthusiasts of all levels. With its intentionally sparse galleries and strategically placed benches, it’s easy to explore the Museum without feeling overwhelmed by the size or volume of works presented. Enjoy a stress-free stroll through this immersive journey into modern visual culture.

Make your visit to Contemporary Arts Museum Houston even more memorable with a unique gift or piece of jewelry – the Museum’s top-notch gift shop offers an exciting array of items ranging from books and funky accessories to one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Come take home something special just for you.

The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston offers a unique opportunity for cultural exploration. From thought-provoking exhibitions to engaging public programming, visitors can experience it all within an hour and a half visit.

CAMH is a beacon of creativity and connection during these challenging times. With hybrid programming, CAMH invites you to explore the world of contemporary art from wherever’s most comfortable for you—be it through online interactions or visiting the Museum in person. The possibilities are endless — take an exciting virtual tour with your class, dive into artist talks & performances led by fascinating pros, and even get involved with interactive art-making activities specially designed just for youth.

Address: 5216 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas, 77006.

Speedy Car Shipping

Exciting News

Speedy Car Shipping has now joined forces with
Barrett Auto Transport to offer you expanded coverage!