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The Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh community is among the most expensive in the state of Missouri. In addition, it is also among the most expensive neighborhoods in the entire country. The median real estate price for homes in this St. Louis area is $762,745, more than 98.7% of all neighborhoods across Missouri and 87.6% across the United States.

The average monthly rental price in the Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh community is $2,250. The average rental cost in this St. Louis neighborhood is higher than 98.5% of the communities across Missouri. This area’s high rent cost is likely due to its close proximity to downtown St. Louis. Families and young professionals looking for an urban lifestyle will find the amenities and attractions of the downtown area just minutes away.

The beautiful Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh community is great for raising a family. The medium to large-sized single-family homes are perfect for accommodating a growing household, and the townhomes are ideal for those who are eyeing a little more space without having to deal with yard work and maintenance. The neighborhood is also great for taking walks or going for a jog, as there are numerous parks and green spaces to enjoy. And, if you’re eyeing some added convenience, the community is located near plenty of shops and restaurants.

The Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh neighborhood is known for its large, older homes that are well-maintained and often attract buyers considering a historic home with character. There are as well a number of newer residences in this St. Louis area, which helps to create a mix of styles and ages that make the neighborhood unique. One of the things residents love most about the neighborhood is the sense of community that exists here. Every resident knows their neighbors, and there’s a strong sense of fellowship and camaraderie.

The neighborhood of Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh is full of educated and wealthy executives. These successful professionals own luxurious homes that appreciate at a high rate. They are always busy with their careers, but they still find time to enjoy life in this wonderful community. In case you’re an executive eyeing a luxurious and comfortable place to live, the Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh community is perfect for you.

This St. Louis neighborhood is among the wealthiest in the United States. In fact, it’s wealthier than 95.8% of all neighborhoods across America. This level of wealth is truly unique, even when compared to other wealthy neighborhoods. Regardless of the economic downturn, residents of this neighborhood have fared better than most Americans.

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