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Hiram Butler Gallery, located in Houston, TX area, exhibits exceptional American artwork spanning the Modernism and Conceptual movements. Here, you’ll find masterpieces by some of America’s most renowned artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Daniel Buren, as well as mid-level wonders from Brazil’s own Clarissa Tossin – a showstopper all her own.

The Hiram Butler Gallery opened its doors in 1984, during a time when Houston’s art scene was just coming into being. Founded by Museum of Modern Art alumnus–Hiram Butler himself, the gallery aimed to provide an opportunity for lesser-known artists to showcase their work and build recognition among discerning audiences. The concept behind this minimalist space has remained ahead of its time since day one.

Hiram Butler Gallery is a mecca for art lovers looking to expand their horizons. Featuring three thoughtfully crafted rooms and an inviting outdoor garden, the space offers ample room to explore inspiring works of art under natural light streaming in from large windows. Experience the minimalist sophistication that has made this gallery so beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Step into Hiram Butler Gallery and explore a curated display of artwork by acclaimed, modern masters. From Jacob Hashimoto’s stunning woodblock prints to Mark Fox’s captivating cut-outs and Carroll Dunham’s mesmerizing lithographs (the father of the actress Lena Dunham), this gallery will stir your creativity with its breathtaking artistry. As an added bonus, pay special attention to their extensive repository in the far-right room or take some time away from indoors for their beautiful sculpture garden outside.

A trip to the Hiram Butler Gallery is sure to be an enjoyable and informative experience. Not only does it offer a unique collection of artwork, but you can also rely on excellent service from its two members: Joshua Pazda as curator and gallery founder Hiram Butler. On recent trips, visitors have been met with warm hospitality that serves as a true testament to their passion for art.

The Hiram Butler Gallery is the perfect destination for art aficionados who appreciate more eclectic and offbeat works of modern art. Here, you won’t find a broad range like what’s on display at traditional museums; instead, this small-yet-mighty gallery provides an exclusive selection to tantalize even the most discerning eye. Don’t miss out – come experience it today.

Hiram Butler Gallery shines a spotlight on emerging artists, providing modern art lovers with an opportunity to explore and discover the works of unknown talents. Step inside this intimate gallery and see firsthand what’s happening in the cutting-edge realms of creativity.

Address: 4520 Blossom St., Houston, Texas, 77007.

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Exciting News

Speedy Car Shipping has now joined forces with
Barrett Auto Transport to offer you expanded coverage!