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The Kosciusko / Soulard neighborhood is a highly sought-after area in St. Louis, MO. With its close proximity to the downtown area, homes in this area tend g the rest of the city. If you’re seeking a trendy and lively neighborhood with plenty of amenities nearby, Kosciusko / Soulard is definitely worth considering.

The Kosciusko / Soulard neighborhood is a great community to reside in if you desire to be close to downtown St. Louis. The median real estate price is $259,815, which is more costly than 72.2% of the neighborhoods across Missouri and 44.8% of the communities across the U.S. This St. Louis neighborhood is full of historic homes and buildings, and it’s close to restaurants, bars, and other attractions in downtown St. Louis.

The Kosciusko / Soulard community is an excellent neighborhood to reside in if you’re eyeing a more suburban environment. The average rental price in this picturesque neighborhood is higher than in most of the city, but it deserves it because of the convenience and amenities that are available here.

The Kosciusko / Soulard community is also home to a few larger apartment complexes, as well as a few high-rise apartments. These larger buildings offer residents a little more space, with three or four bedrooms being the most common layout. The neighborhood’s small apartment buildings and complexes offer plenty of options when it comes to size, and the location is perfect for anyone who wants to be close to downtown St. Louis.

The neighborhood of Kosciusko / Soulard is interesting in that it has a greater concentration of residents who reside alone than most neighborhoods across America. This can be seen in the 60.3% of households here that are made up of individuals living alone. This is a larger proportion of individuals residing alone than in 98.9% of all neighborhoods across America.

Kosciusko / Soulard is an ideal neighborhood for executives, managers, and professionals (74%) to live in. The neighborhood has a high concentration of people in these occupations, so it’s a great place to find like-minded neighbors. Besides, the area has nearby numerous cultural and recreational opportunities, making it an ideal community to call home.

The beautiful Kosciusko / Soulard neighborhood is a diverse and vibrant community where people of all backgrounds come together to celebrate their cultures. The tongues spoken by individuals in this St. Louis neighborhood are diverse, with English being the most common. Other key tongues spoken here include Polish and Italian.

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