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The Sample-McDougald House, located in Pompano Beach, FL, is a breathtaking Colonial Georgian revival home that has become an iconic Southern symbol of love. First earning its place on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985, this beautiful landmark features stunning porches which gracefully embrace both floors – making it no wonder why so many couples have chosen to make their wedding day here. With unforgettable photo opportunities around every corner, one looks at this luxuriant abode, and you’ll understand why it’s synonymous with eternal bliss.

McDougald House stands as a symbol of the hard work and ambition of Albert Neal Sample. Built-in 1916, this majestic white house was constructed on Dixie Highway during a time when nearby pineapple fields spread far into the horizon – it’s still standing today to remind us that determination can create wonders.

William and Sarah McDougald made a generous gift to the community when they purchased Sample-McDougald House in 1940, which was donated by them to the Preservation Society sixty years later. Now standing at its current home of Centennial Park, visitors can enjoy this historical treasure while taking part in nature’s tranquil atmosphere.

Sample-McDougald House provides a unique environment for families to explore and create lasting memories. From tranquil yoga sessions on the lawn to interactive museum days with Mommy and Me activities, there’s something special here for everyone – including antique car shows.

McDougald House is a beautiful abode located off Northeast 10th Street and spans an impressive 4700 square feet. Perfectly poised for those looking to add comfort, luxury, and style to their home – McDougald house promises all the hallmarks of your classic dream space.

The McDougald House is a historical treasure tucked away in the heart of local culture. With its unique two-story wooden design and irregular pattern base, visitors are brought back to an era of yesteryear as they explore the building’s rich past with knowledgeable guides. Whether it be learning about those who lived there or getting hands-on with one of their interactive exhibits that change throughout each year – all can experience this period through modern eyes. Plus – don’t miss out on any special events like food tastings and car shows held at the house too.

Planning to explore the history and beauty of McDougald House? Make sure your itinerary isn’t planned out on Sundays or Mondays – this beloved historic site is closed on those days.

Address: 450 NE 10th Street, Pompano Beach, Florida.

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