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Visit the Tampa Bay History Center, a museum in downtown Tampa area that tells the story of our region. You can see exhibits on anything from Native American culture and modern-day life. There’s something for everyone here, so come check it out today or bring your family members with you when they visit next year – we’re sure they’ll enjoy themselves as much as we do ours.

This museum tells the story of this region. It has exhibits on everything from Native American culture and modern-day life, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The Tampa Bay History Center has an exhibit that replicates life in Ybor City during its cigar-making heyday. Visitors can see how the different types of tobacco were used and even try some out for themselves.

The TBHC is home to one of the world’s most extensive collections of Florida cartography, with holdings spanning five centuries. The only research center in this state and its educational resources cannot be trumped by any other place.

The TML/FCCE is open by appointment for researchers and students. It features a regular schedule of changing exhibitions, so make sure you stop in if you’re ever near one or more of our museums.

Touchton Map Library / Florida Center for Cartographic Education, housed in the TBHC, is home to one of the most comprehensive collections in Florida map history, with holdings spanning five centuries. The only research center dedicated solely to cartography and geographical education on this side-of-state line. It features changing exhibitions open by appointment, so you can come to study its vast library at your convenience or just take some time out from work when it suits you best.

Tourists visiting the History Center can enjoy a meal at Columbia Cafe, which features Spanish-Cuban cuisine and is part of Tampa’s iconic immigrant community. The museum includes classrooms as well as temporary exhibition galleries that often change with new exhibits on display for your viewing pleasure.

The Tampa History Center is among the city’s premier venues for cultural events, with more than 100 thousand visitors every year. The hands-on exhibit galleries and educational programs offer an entertaining yet informative experience that’s perfect whether you’re visiting or living in our area.

Tampa’s resident history buffs will be amped up at the opportunity to explore this museum’s exhibits that feature artifacts from around Florida. Visitors can learn more about how people lived in olden times or take part in interactive programs like “What If?” which challenges your assumptions on what might have happened if certain events had gone differently.

Tampa History Center’s Address: 801 Water St, Tampa, FL 33602, U.S.

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