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Tancrede is a quiet suburban community situated in Lakeland, Florida. It has a population density that makes it an ideal place to reside if you’re looking for privacy without sacrificing your close proximity to amenities such as grocery stores or medical facilities.

The Tancrede community in Florida is more expensive than most neighborhoods across America. The median price of a home here ($297,374) exceeds 42.3% of the communities across Florida and 52.0% of the neighborhoods across the U.S.

The Tancrede area has some of the best deals in all of Florida. The average rental price here is only $1,526, which means you can live luxuriously on a budget without sacrificing your happiness or quality of life! Rent prices are significantly lower than 82% percent of neighboring neighborhoods, which makes this place an even better buy for people looking to get ahead with their finances while still enjoying great amenities like gated communities and professional management companies.

This Lakeland community is an excellent place to rent your next home. With prices that are lower than 82% of Florida neighborhoods, it’s no wonder this community has been a magnet for people moving here from all over the state.

This is a quiet neighborhood in which to live with children. The real estate there predominantly consists of medium-sized homes and townhomes, perfect for families who want plenty of space but don’t need huge houses or apartments. The community has a great selection of homes that are perfect for you. From single-family properties to townhomes, this neighborhood offers something in every price range.

The neighborhood of Tancrede is a perfect example of how residential real estate has changed over time. The homes in this Lakeland community were constructed between 1970 and 1999, with others being established after 2000 as well; these older buildings tend to have more character than newer ones do because they weren’t designed based on efficiency or cost but rather aesthetics such as size and shape (think: cookie cutter houses). However, there’s also something special about buildings from this era—the crafted charm that comes alongside natural beauty.

The people in the Tancrede neighborhood are some of the highest-earning residents, with an average income that’s considerably higher than most other American neighborhoods. The residents of this part alone make up 60% more than the average American person, and their incomes are higher too.

The people of the beautiful Tancrede neighborhood have a tendency to speak more than one language. In this area, English is spoken by 87%, while 9.6% of Spanish can be heard as well.

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Exciting News

Speedy Car Shipping has now joined forces with
Barrett Auto Transport to offer you expanded coverage!