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The median house price in the Teaneck East community is $493,000, which makes it more expensive than 57% of communities across New Jersey and 73 percent nationwide.

The cost of renting a home in Teaneck East is lower than average across New Jersey. The current price per month is $1,998, making it one of the lowest in 73% of the New Jersey communities.

The greatest number of persons living in the Teaneck East community are commuter workers, with an average one-way commute time of around 45 minutes to an hour. This is longer than most other commutes across America and tough on residents who have to deal with it every day.

The majority of people in this community, 73.9%, drive alone to work each day, with 19% taking the bus. A small percentage ride alongside friends or carpool coworkers for their commute too. As is common across most cities nationwide nowadays, many residents find owning a car very practical for it helps them get where they need to.

The ethnic diversity of this locality is clear to see, with 8% identifying their ethnicity or ancestry as Dominican and 7.3 percent representing Jamaican heritage, among others as Asian roots were found in 6%. There are also German ancestry and Polish participants that represent 4%, while 21% have been born outside the United States.

The people who live in the Teaneck East community speak mainly English, with Spanish being a distant second. About 80% of households here use this dialect as their first tongue.

The Teaneck East community has a high concentration of employees who are employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. The second most important occupational clique here is manufacturing jobs with 26%. Other residents fall into sales positions-from major company accounts for working at fast food restaurants 17%, whereby others are in the clerical and support staff such as tech help desks.

The people living in the Teaneck East community are some of the wealthiest and most well-off persons across America. This area has an income level that is exponentially higher than 92% of other communities. This means it’s among one of the fifteen percent highest earning places around. Child poverty rates here continue to stay low, with zero kids living below the federal poverty line than anywhere across the nation.

Teaneck East community is special linguistically. 1.4% of people residing in this locality speak Japanese at home. This makes it higher than 98% elsewhere across America.

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