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UC Irvine is a beautiful and welcoming community made up of many diverse neighborhoods. The population is 18,133, and it is considered an Urban area. Many young professionals live here because the amenities and nightlife are excellent. The majority of the residents in the suburbs are renting their homes with a Median Rent of $2,005. The types of homes vary from apartments, condos, and studio-type units to single-family houses. Real estate is expensive, with a Median Home Value of $593,428. It is considered a great place for families as well as people who want to settle down and raise kids. The neighborhoods are well-designed, and the quality of life is high.

The locality is made up of a variety of unique and close-knit neighborhoods. One of the things that residents love about living here is the low crime rate. You can feel safe walking your dog at night or letting your kids play outside. The neighbors are friendly and always looking out for each other. In addition, the area is a very dog-friendly community. And because the community is so close-knit, it’s easy to make friends who share your interests.

The locale also offers a variety of amenities for residents, including a grocery store, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Having these businesses in the area is beneficial for residents because it gives them easy access to the things they need. They can also take advantage of the university’s resources, such as the library and recreation center. Along with it, being close to the university means that residents can enjoy all the events and activities that take place on campus. From concerts and lectures to sporting events, there is always something going on in the vicinity.

Moreover, the public schools are excellent, and there are a variety of private schools as well. University Park Elementary School has consistently ranked as one of the top elementary schools in the state, Rancho San Joaquin Middle School is a popular choice for parents looking for a supportive and challenging learning environment for their children, and University High School is one of the most sought-after high schools in the region. With a wide range of academic offerings and extracurricular activities, these four schools provide an exceptional education for students in residence.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that UC Irvine is such a popular choice for students and families alike.

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Exciting News

Speedy Car Shipping has now joined forces with
Barrett Auto Transport to offer you expanded coverage!