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Enclosed Auto Transport

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What is Enclosed Auto Transport?

Enclosed car transport, also referred to as covered car transport, is when your car is transported in a completely sealed container, protecting the car from dirt, debris, and the weather. It’s also referred to as covered auto transport, enclosed vehicle transport, and enclosed vehicle shipping.
Enclosed auto transport is a great way to protect your car during shipment. By using an enclosed carrier, your car will be surrounded by a protective shell that will keep it from being damaged by road debris or other vehicles. When using this type of auto transport, you can be sure that your vehicle will be delivered safely to its destination. Enclosed car carriers offer a higher level of security than open carriers.
If you’re a proud owner of an expensive car or classic car, enclosed auto transport is the right choice for you. Transporting your car using a fully enclosed trailer means that your car is protected from the weather and any debris during transit. Since your car is enclosed in its own trailer, there’s no need to worry about debris from other cars hitting it or causing any damage.

Some of the key features of enclosed car shipping include:

Hydraulic Lift Gates

Hydraulic lift gates are basically elevators that allow for the safe loading and unloading of cars onto the enclosed car transport. They lower completely to the ground, minimizing risk to the car, particularly ones with low clearance. The driver also has more control when loading and unloading the vehicle, as the lift raises up to the truck bed. This makes it easier to drive a car in and out for loading and unloading.

Drop Trailer Floor

Drop flooring allows the trailer to carry more vehicles, making unloading and loading more convenient.

Safety Straps

Safety straps are used to keep the car from moving around during transport. All cars will be secured in order to prevent them from moving around throughout the journey.

Climate Control

The car is protected from the elements and weather conditions. You can rest assured that your treasured possession will be well-cared for in a climate-controlled container.
Enclosed auto transport is a popular choice among car shipping customers because of its extra protection. The enclosed car carrier protects your car from the elements and from potential damage while it is in transit. When you’re shipping an exotic or classic car, covered auto transport is recommended to keep your car free from any kind of damage. Here at Speedy Car Shipping, all of the enclosed car transport companies that we work with are vetted and trusted partners so you can be sure your car will arrive safe and sound.

Types of Enclosed Auto Transport

There are different types of enclosed trailers: the hard-sided enclosed car carrier, the soft-sided encoded car carrier, the single-vehicle enclosed trailers, single-level multi-vehicle trailers, and the enclosed multi-level multi-car trailers  The one you select will depend on your needs, budget, and availability.

Hard-Sided Enclosed Carriers

If you’re looking for a reliable way to transport your car, you can’t go wrong with hard-sided enclosed auto transport. These enclosed car trailers are designed specifically for vehicle transport and offer a number of features that make them ideal for the job.
Locked Doors – Hard-sided enclosed auto transports are extremely secure. Their hard sides keep your car from being damaged in transit, while the locked doors prevent anyone from gaining access to your vehicle. High-end cars, luxury vehicles, classic cars, and exotic vehicles are completely protected from possible road debris, outdoor elements, and every hazard on the road, from dirt and dust to rocks and weather.
Weather-proof – Enclosed carriers are weather-proof. This means that they can be used in all kinds of weather conditions, and your car will be protected. The sturdy materials hard-sided enclosed carriers are made of to secure and protect your vehicle from all travel conditions, making this the most secure and expensive transport option.

Theft Protection – Enclosed shipping is usually recommended for customers with expensive automobiles, such as sports cars and exotic cars. A hard-sided enclosed car carrier is a great way to protect your car from theft. The carrier is made from sturdy materials that make it difficult for thieves to break into, and it can be locked securely to keep your car safe. It also prevents prying eyes from seeing your vehicle while it’s being transported; clearly, a smart precaution to take when transporting expensive cars.

Soft-Sided Enclosed Carriers

Soft-Sided Enclosed Transport uses a car shipping carrier that is covered only with fabric or vinyl that offers more protection than an open car carrier. This type of enclosed car transport offers only limited protection against weather like wind and rain, or damage from small rocks. Vehicles are loaded into specially designed trailers that keep them secure and protected from the elements. The trailers are then transported by an enclosed auto transport company to the destination, where they are unloaded and delivered to the customer.

Hard-sided Enclosed VS. Soft-Sided Enclosed Transport

The hard-sided carrier is made of metal and is more durable, while the soft-sided carrier is made of fabric and is less expensive. Which type of carrier or shipping service you choose will depend on your needs and budget. If you’re transporting more expensive, valuable vehicles like a luxury or classic car, you may want to choose the hard-sided carrier for extra protection. If you’re transporting a family car or a less expensive vehicle, but you’d still like some protection, the soft-sided carrier may be a better option.

Single Vehicle Trailer

A single-vehicle enclosed trailer is the most popular type of covered auto transport carrier. It is a trailer that is designed to transport a single vehicle and is ideal for transporting sports or luxury cars. This enclosed auto transport offers complete protection and is well-served when used over short distances.

Single-level Multi-vehicle Trailer

Single-level multi-vehicle trailers are designed to transport multiple vehicles at once. There are two types of multi-vehicle trailers: the double-deck trailer and the triple-deck trailer. The double-deck trailer is a trailer that is designed to carry two or more vehicles at once. The triple-deck trailer is a trailer that is designed to carry three or more vehicles at once. Both are ideal for short and long distances. Their loading and unloading times are faster than in enclosed multi-level multi-car haulers.

Enclosed Multilevel Multi-Car Trailers

Enclosed multilevel multi-car trailers are a great way to transport up to seven cars nationwide at the same time. They are perfect for dealerships or anyone who needs to move multiple cars at once. Since it is an enclosed vehicle transport, your cars will be protected from the elements. They have multiple levels, so more cars fit in each trailer.
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Why does enclosed car transport cost more?

  • Enclosed car transport also requires more manpower and resources. The drivers and staff need to be specially trained in order to handle high-value vehicles, and the trailers need to be equipped with special features like hydraulic lifts and air ride suspensions to ensure that your car arrives in perfect condition.
  • Enclosed car carriers carry higher insurance policies, generally up to $1 million, which increases the shipment cost.
  • Most enclosed carriers have fewer spots on them than open car carriers. Therefore, drivers need to charge more per vehicle to make the trip worthwhile.
  • There are fewer enclosed carriers on the road than open carriers.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding Open Transport vs Enclosed Auto Transport

  1. Do you consider your vehicle a long-term investment?
  2. Are you concerned about dust, dirt, or other debris that your automobile may be subjected to during its transfer?
  3. Do you worry about the weather or is your transport scheduled for the winter?
  4. Is your car rare or have unique features?
  5. Would you rather spend a bit more for more peace of mind?

Your Reliable, Professional, and Affordable Enclosed Auto Transport Partner

Regardless of the type of the enclosed carrier you need, Speedy Car Shipping is here to help. We only work with professional auto transport drivers that we trust to handle your car safely. The enclosed car carriers we use offer the highest quality, state-of-the-art fleet of trucks. Plus, our enclosed auto transport drivers are experienced and well-trained – the best in the auto transport industry and have years of experience shipping all types of vehicles from antiques to exotic cars. 
Our enclosed auto shipping service ensures that your car will arrive at its destination on time and in good condition. Whether you need exotic car transport or classic car transport service, we have the right solution for you. Call us today or fill out the instant quote form above so we can create a custom shipment plan for your car.

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Exciting News

Speedy Car Shipping has now joined forces with
Barrett Auto Transport to offer you expanded coverage!