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The Glazer Children’s Museum is a place for kids of all ages to learn, explore and have fun. There are three floors filled with exhibits, including an art studio, a theater, and an interactive water play area that will make you feel like your ingenuity has no limits.

A visitor can enjoy arts & crafts projects or take part in one of its theater shows while they wait their turn-they might even find themselves acting out certain scenes before selecting what kind(s) of museum experience best suits them.

The Glazer Children’s Museum offers a unique and educational day out with the family. Free admission is available for kids under 2 years old, while discounts apply to those who are aged between two and twelve years.

Glazer Children’s Museum has been around since 1965 when it first opened its doors in Lowry Park. The museum grew over time just like kids do and now houses a spacious 53k sq ft space with attractions that will keep your child entertained from morning until night.

The 53,000-square-foot Glazer Children’s Museum has permanent and traveling exhibits to inspire children by creating learning opportunities around innovative play. The museum also features comprehensive programs with special events for the whole family.

The picturesque Glazer Children’s Museum is a cultural staple in the Tampa Bay Area and has been for over ten years. You can find this museum hosting classes or workshops to teach kids about different art forms from around the world. It is home to interactive exhibits that are sure to teach kids about their environment and how it changes throughout time.

Glazer Children’s Museum is an ideal place where children play, discover, and connect with their world. This beautiful museum does this by creating an environment that fosters lifelong learning in our kids.

The museum is on a mission to create an inspiring place where children can explore and play with their friends while learning from the world around them. They believe in nurturing future leaders by providing exciting opportunities for hands-on engagement, including arts & crafts workshops as well occasional field trips.

Glazer Children’s Museum is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for the entire family. From its interactive exhibits that encourage kids’ natural curiosity, all while teaching them about different parts of themselves through play-based learning techniques – they have something great in store.

Glazer Children’s Museum’s Address: 110 W Gasparilla Plaza, Tampa, FL 33602.

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Exciting News

Speedy Car Shipping has now joined forces with
Barrett Auto Transport to offer you expanded coverage!