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Lakeland Highlands East is a beautiful suburban community situated in Lakeland, FL area. It is a family-oriented community with well-maintained homes and yards. The residents revel in their neighborhood and enjoy spending time outdoors. There are multitudes of parks and playgrounds, as well as a community pool, for residents to enjoy. The Lakeland Highlands East community is an ideal location to raise a family.

Lakeland Highlands East is among the most affluent neighborhoods in Florida. The median real estate price here is $423,323, which is more costly than 65.4% of the neighborhoods across Florida and 67.4% nationwide. This area is home to many upscale homes and estates, as well as a few commercial properties. Despite being a relatively small community, Lakeland Highlands East is still thriving and has a lot to offer its residents.

However, this affluent neighborhood offers plenty in the way of amenities and features that justify its high price tag. From picturesque parks and lakes to top-rated schools and luxurious homes, Lakeland Highlands East has something for everyone. If you’re considering an upscale community with plenty of benefits, you’ll definitely want to consider living in Lakeland Highlands East.

Lakeland Highlands East is a neighborhood that is known for its high average rental price. The current rental price for this community is $2,652, which is higher than 78.2% of the communities across Florida. This Lakeland neighborhood is a great option for those who are looking for a luxurious place to live, as it offers multitudes of amenities and features that are not common in other areas.

The beautiful Lakeland Highlands East community offers plenty of real estate preferences for its residents. The homes here are predominantly medium to large in size and come in a variety of styles – from traditional single-family homes to townhomes. This unique mix of housing makes Lakeland Highlands East perfect for families and those who appreciate quality, spacious living.

The beautiful Lakeland Highlands East community is home to numerous owner-occupied residences. The homes in this Lakeland area were mostly constructed between 1970 – 1999, but there are also a number of homes that were constructed after 2000. This neighborhood is definitely established, but it’s not old by any means.

The picturesque neighborhood of Lakeland Highlands East is an ideal area to raise a family. This community is safe, with low crime rates and excellent public schools. There are also multiple single-family homes in this Lakeland community, which is perfect for families.

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