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Since 1883, Maida’s has been providing Houstonians with bespoke boots and shoes that are handmade to perfection. Their showroom offers one-of-a-kind design consultations where the friendly staff will help you create your custom cowboy boot masterpiece. Using only supple leathers from tanneries such as Hermès in Italy and France, their legendary master craftsman Sal Maida personally guides each consultation via Skype right from the production factory on Interstate 10. After about a month of perfecting each piece, come back for an unforgettable fitting experience – designed especially just for you.

For the traditionalist, Maida’s offers a wide range of kangaroo leather boots – starting with stylish yet affordable options around $2,400. But for those seeking something truly unique and luxurious – why not try shoes made from exotic skins such as hippo, ostrich, or anaconda? From timeless classics to statement pieces that will turn heads– indulge yourself in luxury at its finest.

Everyone knows that first impressions count, and Maida’s provides the perfect way to put your best foot forward. With a bespoke design service for custom cowboy boots, you can create something totally unique – from stitch patterns down to toe shapes. Let your individual style shine through with an inlay of initials or logo representing what matters most to you; choose between cacti, snakes, and guitars, as well as any other pattern imaginable. Step out in confidence, knowing no one else is wearing shoes like yours.

At Maida’s, the sky is truly the limit. For those in search of something iconic and luxurious, full-quill alligator boots are a must-have. Step inside for an unforgettable experience as you learn about this exclusive craft from knowledgeable staff amid taxidermied nine-foot-long gators plus stunning alligator skins adorning our walls. Make sure to splurge at least once on these works of art that combine luxury with style; your feet will thank you later.

For those eyeing a great deal, Maida’s Belts and Buckles shop is the perfect destination. Here you can find luxurious leather key fobs or billfolds at unbeatable prices. But if your style leans more towards classic Texas chic, then count on finding unique cufflinks that will perfectly accessorize any outfit.

Maida’s offers an exclusive experience to those seeking only the best in cowboy boots. From energy executives, professional athletes, and investment bankers looking for their 25th pair, you will be assured of a custom-designed boot that fits perfectly every time with just one visit – thanks to multiple design meetings unique to Maida’s. When it comes down to selecting your perfect fit, this Cowboy Boot Emporium has everything covered: from a full-service shoe shine chair complete with expert staff who’ll ensure each boot not only looks great but feels like part of your family ranch collection too. Stop by today at Maida’s and make sure no two steps are ever taken without style.

Address: 3733 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas, 77027.

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Exciting News

Speedy Car Shipping has now joined forces with
Barrett Auto Transport to offer you expanded coverage!