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The Society for Savings Building is a high-rise building on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, OH. It was the highest landmark in the city when it was finished being built in 1889. The building was Cleveland’s first skyscraper. The society occupied the top floors of the structure, while the bottom floors were leased to other businesses. 

The ten-story building is constructed of red sandstone and features some architectural elements from different periods. The Gothic-style arches on the ground floor give way to Romanesque-style pillars and motifs on the upper floors. Finally, the cornice and roofline are decorated with Renaissance-style details. Inside, the banking hall is decorated with marble floors, columns, and a stained glass skylight.

The Society for Savings building is remarkable for its contribution to Cleveland’s architectural landscape and its role in the city’s past. The neighborhood was the location of the city’s first bank, which was an essential contributor to the city’s growth as a hub for financial activity. This location is occupied by a variety of enterprises now. Still, its long and illustrious history and distinctive architecture continue to distinguish it from other structures in the city. The building is still a well-known fixture of Cleveland’s skyline and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The locale was an instant hit, and its design was widely copied. Today, it is a National Historic Landmark and houses a museum dedicated to the history of banking. Although it is now dwarfed by many of Cleveland’s newer skyscrapers, the Society for Savings building remains an icon of the city’s skyline.

Architect John Wellborn Root designed the setting. He was known for using light and airy spaces, and the Society for Savings Building is a prime example of his work. The stained-glass Arts and Crafts skylight, which has been conserved over the years and allows natural light to flood the inside of the building, is the most prominent feature of the building. The structure also includes a network of indoor pathways offering vantage points of William Crane’s murals throughout the building. The facility is now accessible to the general public. As a result, it has become one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the city.

The Society for Savings Building is worth a visit whether you’re interested in history or just want to take in the views from one of Cleveland’s most famous structures. A great location to stay in when seeing Cleveland is the building’s proximity to some of the city’s top hotels and eateries. There are several cafes, pubs, and restaurants around if you’re searching for a place to grab food or unwind with a drink.

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