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Cleveland Heights is the perfect suburban to call home if you’re looking for a smaller town with big city benefits. This suburban neighborhood, located in Lakeland, FL, has an easy commute into the downtown area and all of its amenities like shopping districts and cultural venues, among others.

The Cleveland Heights community has a median real estate price of $293,087, which is considerably higher than 41.1% of the community in Florida and 50.6% nationwide. This makes it one such neighborhood where you can find homes to fit any budget – from small apartment buildings all the way up to mansions.

The beautiful Cleveland Heights community is a great place to call home if you’re looking for an affordable rental. With prices ($1,707) that are lower than 72.8% of Florida neighborhoods, this area has something special going on.

The neighborhood of Cleveland Heights is an ideal location for families to call home. There are multiple different types of real estate in this community, from single-family homes with multiple bedrooms and baths all the way down to scalable apartments, perfect if you’re looking to just want some alone time or don’t need much space but still want convenience.

In this mostly residential neighborhood, there’s a lot of variety in terms of ages and styles. Many homes have been around for decades, with some being much newer than others – nearly all were built between 1940-1969, and 1970 onwards.

The Cleveland Heights neighborhood has more South American and Dominican ancestry people living in it than nearly any other location in America. In fact, 6-9% of this area’s residents have roots in these two countries.

The people who live in the Cleveland Heights neighborhood are upper-middle class, which means they earn more than most other places around here. This area has an above-average income when compared with those across America as a whole. In this location, you will find a higher average household income when compared to 62% of America’s neighborhoods whose residents make less money.

Income isn’t always representative of what makes or breaks your life, but it can be one factor among many others – such is true for this particular community where there exists both low incomes and high ones.

The language of choice in this beautiful Lakeland area seems to be English, as it’s spoken by 84.3% of households, and there are also 14 percent of people in this community who speak Spanish.

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